Garden of the Gods


I know most of you are aware I have a thing for trees.

And that I also have a thing for shooting in infrared.

But just look at the detail in this image.  This wasn’t taken in a national park; it was taken in my yard.  Your trees look like this too!  But you have to stop and really look to see it. Its amazing how many things get overlooked when we just go through the motions.

Shot with my converted Canon G10 – handheld.  (

Into the Great Wide Open

This is why I shoot infrared.

This image came straight out of the camera looking this way – not kidding.  No Photoshopping done here.  The only post-production work was tightening up the sliders a bit in ‘Levels’.

In fact, I compose in infrared.  In other words, I see the image in infrared on the display while I’m shooting.

In case you’re not familiar...I’ve had one of my cameras converted.  A company called Life Pixel did it for me a couple of years ago.

Life hasn’t been the same since.