Come on in! I’ve got lots of room here –unlike my real studio, and this one is much cleaner!

The reason for this blog…I want to share thoughts and ideas about art and creativity with you.

I guess you could say it’s ‘what i do’.  I love to share.  I’m a gatherer of information and because of that I feel I have lots of ideas that need to get out.  I’m no expert by any means – I just spend a lot of time researching topics that I find interesting.  And if I think they’re interesting, then there’s the possibility someone else may too.  It all comes from a genuine need to be helpful.  I’m a people pleaser.  I come from a long line of people pleasers.

I also plan to use this site as a storyboard of sorts…I plan to post images along with ideas to help jump start creativity.  By doing this I hope to not only help those who read my site but to have it also serve as a reminder to me why these things are necessary.  I need constant reminding.  I’ve always found it helpful to write things down – so I’m writing things down here – for you and for me.  Hopefully it will be a win-win situation for everyone!    I have lots of ideas and I also have lots of images.  What’s the point in having images no one ever sees?  Its like that saying…if a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it…well, its kind of the same with photography.  What is the point?  Images are for sharing.  And sharing is what I do.  And while I’m at it…I’ll pass along any interesting information that I think you might enjoy as well.

Hopefully my images will help to inspire you in some way and get those creative juices flowing.

You may notice some of my images have an odd look about them.  That’s because I shoot the majority with a camera I’ve had converted to infrared by a company called Life Pixel.

I’m smitten.  But they may not appeal to you…and that’s ok too – its just another one of the ways I ‘see’ things.  Infrared images aren’t typical images so seeing them may cause you to see or think about something in a different way – a creative way. And that’s the idea.  But don’t worry – I will be adding ‘normal’ images too.  So don’t write me off just yet!

Thanks for stopping by!

2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Woohoo!! Hello there my generous friend.

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