Colorful Colorado

Some places are so colorful you can capture them in black and white and still get the point across!

This was a ‘jump out of the car and grab the shot quickly’ photo (as it was windy and quite chilly!) taken alongside the Big Thompson River in beautiful Estes Park, Colorado.  I captured it with my converted camera (so its actually infrared) but you get the idea.

I only had to wait a short time before the fisherman wandered into the lower area of the frame I wanted him in…thankfully!

He was in just the right spot and so was the setting sun!

Hay Ride

I’ve been seeing hay bales on the sides of the highway for years and have always wanted to photograph them.  I was finally able to grab a few shots this weekend. It would have been better to be there a little earlier in the day but the timing couldn’t be helped.  Also, the sun was so bright that I could barely make out the composition on the LCD – basically I was just hoping for the best.  But at least I know they will be worth the effort on my next road trip and will plan accordingly!

I love anything with texture and especially love monochromatic landscapes.

I get the strangest looks!

People are always wanting to know what I’m taking a picture of!  They simply can’t understand it.  What could possibly be interesting about landscapes with nothing interesting in them.

But I could photograph them all day.  And sometimes do!

where will you go, what will you do?

Your weekend is brand new.


Oh, the places you’ll go

the people you’ll see

the things that you’ll do…

and don’t forget to look up…

Me and My Shadow

Some fun things to do when it’s just you.

What’s in a Name

One of the first things I do after looking through images is to name the ones that stand out (whether I like the image a lot or I think it has some possible future value).  This serves a couple of different purposes. One, it helps me locate an image by its appearance rather than by the time or location; it basically helps me remember it better.  Another way is by helping to prioritize images when I’ve shot several exposures of one subject.  Sometimes I shoot dozens of the same subject – using different lighting or exposure or shutter speeds.  Naming them in this way may not be the most efficient way (for some people) but I find it an enjoyable process.  The part I enjoy most is how sometimes a story will start to build and I never know where that will take me.  Sometimes I let the story tell itself.

Here are some images where that happened.  The names of the images are…alien invasion, the landing and twilight zone.

Sometimes its fun to just let the story unfold.

Every image doesn’t have to be a ‘work of art’.

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