Silly Smiley Art

This is one of my all-time, most favorite and (sadly) no longer available photography techniques. Polaroid SX70 art.  Although word on the street is that a third party is now making the film again – I haven’t heard whether its true or not.

I got in the game a little late – had I known how addictive this process would be for me, I would have started a long, long, LONG time ago!  I loved it!!  It was my kind of art-making.

Instant gratification!  

Basically, all you needed was a Polaroid SX 70 Land Camera, a pack of film, a hard surface and a stylus or mark-making tool (your choice).  You made your image, the film was ejected from the camera and then the fun started…you manipulated the surface of the film while the chemicals were still fluid.  It was up to you how much or how little you altered the image.  As you can tell some of my images were barely altered, some moderately altered and some (Silly Smiley) had a lot of altering!

2 thoughts on “Silly Smiley Art

  1. I love Polaroids and film! The effect is simply different from digital. I have a few Polaroids but not the SX-70, heard it’s really good! Btw, how do you “alter the image”? is it dependent on waiting time or?
    Hope to hear from you soon, thanks!

    • It does depend on time …the SX70 film had a longer ‘setup’ time – it could stay fluid for a few hours! Especially in the summer! The newer films set up instantly. I need to check on that third party film and see if its like the old film. One of my most favorite tools for manipulating is a metal stylus ( tool, that I think, is used for ceramics, clay, etc) with a ball tip (rounded) on both ends. But you can use just about anything – anything that can apply pressure and make a mark without damaging the surface. You don’t want to break the surface as the chemicals can ooze out. It was so much fun watching the transformation take place while you worked.

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