Desolate Doors

I’m attracted to doors.  Did I mention that?

I know what you’re thinking…’she just told us she had a thing for trees too… hmm…what’s up with her?

Well, I just know what I like.  And the more forlorn the door (or any opening really, for that matter) – the better.  Doors like this seem to evoke such a sense of the human condition (to me) and almost cry out for attention, don’t you think?

I remember several years ago driving past a sweet, old homestead in a beautiful field of wildflowers on my way to and from work each day.  It was especially beautiful that Spring because of the wildflowers.  Every day I passed it I would say, “I’ve got to bring my camera and take a picture of this!” (This was before I really ‘became’ a photographer.  It hadn’t dawned on me yet to always have my camera with me for things like this.)

This place had been there as long as I remembered and I’d never thought to photograph it until then.

And then one day – when I drove past – it was no longer there.  No sign that it had every existed. Completely gone.  Just like that. 

And I felt really sad about that.

And I guess that’s why its important to me to photograph some things…almost with a sense of urgency – in case they’re not there tomorrow.

One thought on “Desolate Doors

  1. That first door has so many stories to tell. Why the uneven bottom? I’m sure the sunlight used to flow in the top many a day ago.
    I love old screen doors, the kind that bang shut when you go through.

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