Desolate Doors

I’m attracted to doors.  Did I mention that?

I know what you’re thinking…’she just told us she had a thing for trees too… hmm…what’s up with her?

Well, I just know what I like.  And the more forlorn the door (or any opening really, for that matter) – the better.  Doors like this seem to evoke such a sense of the human condition (to me) and almost cry out for attention, don’t you think?

I remember several years ago driving past a sweet, old homestead in a beautiful field of wildflowers on my way to and from work each day.  It was especially beautiful that Spring because of the wildflowers.  Every day I passed it I would say, “I’ve got to bring my camera and take a picture of this!” (This was before I really ‘became’ a photographer.  It hadn’t dawned on me yet to always have my camera with me for things like this.)

This place had been there as long as I remembered and I’d never thought to photograph it until then.

And then one day – when I drove past – it was no longer there.  No sign that it had every existed. Completely gone.  Just like that. 

And I felt really sad about that.

And I guess that’s why its important to me to photograph some things…almost with a sense of urgency – in case they’re not there tomorrow.