I’ve just discovered the art of Jane Davies  – guess I’ve been living under a rock!

While doing an on-line search for tutorials that demonstrated creating monoprints with the new gel printing plate by Gelli Arts, that I’d just ordered, I stumbled upon a tutorial by Jane Davies demonstrating her masking technique.

The tutorial was so inspiring. I loved her minimalistic approach using the gel plate.

While I was anxiously awaiting the delivery of the new gel plate, I spent some time perusing her site.  Not only was her approach to monoprinting speaking directly to me…her painting and collage styles were too!

I immediately ordered her DVD, Scribble Collage with Hand-Painted Paper.  And its fantastic.  It is so helpful for someone like me who struggles with acrylic painting.  It is filled to the brim with great information.  And she gets right to the point – no fluff on this DVD at all.

I found I was taking notes like I was in class.  And I’ve already watched it more than a couple of times.  I really can’t say enough good things about it.  I’ve been so inspired learning all the great techniques …the new gel plate came in – and its still in the package!

I will get around to it – but right now I’m having too much fun to stop!

Here’s a painting I did today (called Compartmentalizing) …it has lots of layers. I’d paint an area, love it…cover it up, not like it so much, cover it up…paint some more…love it…cover it up…

This is a very freeing way to paint.

I’m learning not to get so attached to what I’m creating; to be more open and willing to accept the process for what it is – a creative process.

Just one more reminder that it IS ABOUT THE JOURNEY – and to enjoy the ride!!

*If you’d like more information:

6 thoughts on “Compartmentalizing

  1. Kristina Trudell

    Im going to checkout her tutorials and DVDs. Thanks for the tip. I just started reading “The Artist’s Rule” and it begins by talking about how we should enjoy the process and concentrate on the process not the product. On Thursday nights I’m taking an Artist’s Way/Yoga workshop. Love it!

    Hope all is well with you. Wish you were coming to encausticamp!

    Sent from my iPhone

    • I really think you’ll like this- she also has a blog (accessed through the site) that has tons of info!
      The Artist’s Way/Yoga workshop sounds wonderful…REALLY wish I was going to ECamp too!!!!

  2. Hey, THANKS for posting this! Beautiful painting. You really GOT the message about process. And it isn’t just about flinging paint around; it is about non-attachment and focus, staying present, and a whole host of other issues. And it is FUN!

  3. You are always inspiring me. Thanks for the intro to Jane Davies. I too had not yet “found” her. Awesomeness.

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