More pieces to the puzzle

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I’ve just finished watching a couple of videos by Chris Cozen – Top 10 Acrylic Painting Techniques, Acrylic Painting: Color, Texture and Value, and Acrylic Painting: Glazing Techniques.

While I enjoyed watching each one (and got a lot of valuable information), I wanted to share one thing in particular that I found extremely helpful and SO simple.

(You may already be doing this but I wasn’t.)

She mentioned to always keep a sheet of paper handy to off-load your paintbrush onto before putting your (dirty) brush into the water to clean it.  This serves two purposes; 1) you won’t dirty up your water as quickly and, 2) you’ll end up with the potential for another painting on that sheet of paper (possibly as a background, etc.).

Today I was in the studio trying to make something out of a painting I’d started the other day (but did not like at all).  I’d decided that maybe it needed some collage papers, since I wasn’t really getting anywhere with just paint.  I sifted through my stash but couldn’t find much of anything I felt would work.  As I sat back down to study the painting again, I glanced over to the off-loaded paper and realized that I really needed collage papers using those colors.

That’s when it dawned on me to create my collage shapes from the off-loaded paper.

In Jane Davies video (the one I’ve been raving about in recent posts) you are intentionally creating sheets for use as collage (ahead of time); but I haven’t built up my stash yet – so this is kind of the same thing – sort of – but using a different approach.

I didn’t obsess about the shapes – I just cut out or tore shapes from the existing sheet or (if I needed a larger shape) I added more of the same paint to the sheet and then cut out my shape; and adhered it to the painting using matte medium.

It was just one of those light bulb moments…and I thought I’d share it with you.

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