American Grafitti

Okay – so this isn’t the post I envisioned as my first post for the brand new year but, ‘it is what it is’.

I know I’d mentioned (in a previous post – SEVERAL posts ago), that I’d ordered and anxiously awaited the Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plate for making ‘gel prints’.  And, even though I just “HAD to have it expedited” because I just “COULD NOT WAIT to get it” – I just cracked open the package tonight.  Literally months after ordering it.  I do this sort of thing a lot.  And if this were to be the kind of post where you talked about all your wonderful New Years Resolutions…then I guess this would be a good resolution for me to start with.

But its not that kind of post.

INSTEAD its the kind of post where I post what I created because I’m trying to get back into the daily habit of creating art – the whole purpose of this blog in the first place – and I’d kind of gotten out of the habit.  Shame on me.

Anyway…here’s how things played out this evening.

Here’s the new Gel Printing Plate still in its package. Its a nice size – 12×15.

gel plate

Here are the inaugural paint drips…blue, of course.

gel plate 2

Next, I gingerly stamped with some bubble wrap to make an impression…very ethereal, don’t you think?

gel plate 3

I added another color…and pulled the print

gel plate 4

And then things stalled.

I stared at it for awhile but nothing happened.

I went and got a piece of cake.

German Chocolate.

Still nothing.

So I grabbed another color…

and then things just took a ‘turn‘.

It may have had something to do with an email I’d gotten today about Chicago which reminded me of Grant Wood’s ‘American Gothic’ (which I LOVE), which reminded me of my trip to Chicago, which reminded me of the images I’d taken, which made me think of a print I had, which then reminded me of a copy I’d made – – and then my mind just wandered off…

and ended up in this direction…

So I just went with it!

gel plate 5gel plate 6

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