Big Blue Ball


I grabbed a 16×20 panel today that I’d already painted (but didn’t really care for) and started playing around.  I find painting over an existing painting (especially one you’re not thrilled with) very liberating.  You can jump right in without worries – and since there’s already a base you can build on – there’s a good chance you’ll start to see some results fairly quickly – which is helpful when you’re not feeling especially motivated.

I tend to not take things as seriously when I do this – and that helps to take the pressure off to create something ‘wonderful’.  Instead, you can just play around and see what happens.

That was the case today…nothing serious…just playing around.

This is Big Blue Ball; beeswax, resin, pigment, oil sticks and collage. The American Graffiti theme (from yesterday) was still on my mind – just used a different medium and went in a different direction with it.

Speaking of direction…thought I’d take some ‘flyovers’ to show the topography since its rather 3 dimensional in places.


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