What Are You Waiting For

This is my new mantra.

I thought I was being rather unique too – that is, until I ran across it (like a hundred times) on Pinterest.  Apparently its EVERYONE’s new mantra.

But that’s ok.

Its definitely a good mantra to have and I’m willing to share it if you are.

And on that note…I’m not waiting around in the studio.  I’m spending a little bit of time here every single day.  It doesn’t have to be a lot of time – just some time.

Tonight I decided to flip through the book, Journeys to Abstraction by Sue St. John, for a little inspiration.  I opened to the page talking about color and the suggestions to limit my palette were brought to my attention.  Here’s what she says:

The number of colors from which to choose is staggering.  Therefore, it would be wise for you to select a limited palette of colors with which to work.  When you are choosing your colors, think of the overall theme of your painting. What are you trying to express?  Choose colors that are reflective of this.

Limiting your palette will also force you to use the colors you have chosen to their maximum effect.  You can choose different shades to play with, all while staying consistent with the color scheme of your piece.

Abstract art is about taking the road less traveled.  It is about taking risks and going places in your mind where you have never been.  This extends to your color choices as well.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors.  While harmonious colors are easier to look at, it may be the case that your work is about discomfort.  Chaotic color choices have their place in the world of abstract art as well.

pink and blackbreach

I’m such a minimalist…its really hard for me to continue forward with a painting – but WHAT AM I WAITING FOR?!?

The colors I used tonight were: Liquitex Heavy Body ‘Light Portrait Pink’, Golden ‘Titanium White’, Americana Chalk Board paint in black, Golden’s ‘Titan Buff’, and Golden’s ‘Cerulean Blue Deep’ (I should have known) along with a black dimensional writer and collaged paper – on 12×12 gallery wrapped canvas.

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