Already Art: A New Project

mixed media

I’ve written posts before about how much I enjoy photographing parts of my artwork…how extracting smaller juxtapositions can create completely different perspectives of a piece and turn it into something completely different.

Well, this weekend I stumbled upon yet another way to do just that.

But in this case I’m taking the smaller part and building on it.

I’ve started a new project – a new journey, if you will. A mixed media journey where I travel as lightly as possible.

No paint. No glue. No encaustic medium needed.  Its a journey you can embark on when you’ve got a few minutes (or a few hours) – depending on your addiction – and it is very addictive!

There’s something truly wonderful about traveling lightly and in this case having everything you need right in the palm of your hand – literally.

This new project is one where I will create art simply with my iPhone and the apps I have on it; compositing in its simplest form, without turning on the laptop; setting up the workspace, or importing into Photoshop.  Very low tech.  The point is to keep it very simple; to use what I already have on hand – to build on what I’ve already created: to breath new life into ‘already art’. I’ll be using the phone to take images and to make art from those images.

The above is one of my first attempts.

This is the result from wandering around the studio snapping photos of various artwork, dried paint palettes, found objects, etc.; manipulating the images (via apps) and then combining the parts or the whole into one image.

Does the scribbling look familiar?  That’s from the image in ‘What Are You Waiting For’ (my previous post). The polka dot sheet is a piece of tissue paper I had on hand that had been covered in encaustic medium.  All photographed by the iPhone and all manipulated/combined with iPhone apps.  

2 thoughts on “Already Art: A New Project

  1. Colleen Monette

    I love this! Yummy…


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