Cloudy with a chance of Bugs


No, seriously.  I looove them.  I especially love taking off to a place I’ve never been before. And the further away the better!

Just me and the open road. 

Well…just me and the road and a recently-serviced vehicle, fully inflated spare tire, two cans of fix-a-flat (in case one doesn’t work), fully charged cell phone, phone charger plugged in, phone number for Roadside Assist stored in phone, filed under both ‘R’ for Roadside and ‘A’ for Assist; cross-referenced in the event I become a little frantic (Note: This has never happened.), said phone number printed out and stored in arm rest (in case phone goes dead even though the number would be of absolutely no use to me at that point…hmm), snacks, bottled water, and more snacks.

Oh, and maps!!  For the nice person who stops to help me.

Yep, just me and road!