Detourism. I ran across this word by accident today.  Apparently its a term that a vacation rental company came up with for their marketing campaign.  Don’t you just love the idea of that word?  Detourism.  I have no idea what the real definition for it is (if it even has a definition) – it doesn’t matter – because I’ve already come up with my own.

Detourism (DE tour ism); n. the act of taking the scenic route through life so that you arrive at your next destination with a fresh, new outlook.  See also – detourist , one who participates in detourism.

But seriously…there are some things we can do on a daily basis that will give us a different perspective.  Here are a few I like to do…

  • Take a different route to work
  • Move the furniture around in the house
  • Install daylight bulbs in lamps and fixtures – this can make a huge difference
  • Don’t watch, read or listen to the news (depressing!)
  • Browse the bookstore (my favorite!)