so…did you?

Did you look outside your box?

Its not too late.

Tomorrow is December 31st…think about the boundaries you’ve created for yourself. They’re self-inflicted you know.

Its all about perception.

If you can see the horizon clearly…you can expand the limitations of your box.

It’s up to you.

Happy New Year!





Look outside your box.

Now is the time…

to look outside your box.

Most of us live inside our daily worlds,

influenced or inspired by those within that world.

Look further afield.

Take your inspiration from unfamiliar sources.

Look through others’ eyes.

You’ll be surprised at the opportunities.

“A person can grow only as much as his horizon allows’ – John Powell (1963-)

taken from the book, Now Is the Time, by Patrick Lindsay.

roadside image shot through car window and ‘filterized’ in Photoshop