Goodnight Winter Riverbarge

What’s in a name?

I have no idea.

I suppose it had to do with the fact that the river barge looked to be on its way somewhere…home perhaps.  And because it was late(r) in the day I simply bid it a ‘goodnight’.

The ‘winter’ part comes from the infrared’s interpretation of the scene. A ‘normal’ camera wouldn’t translate this way.

And ‘riverbarge’ because it is a river barge.

I really enjoy naming my photographs.  It seems much more personal this way.  And photography, to me, is a very personal thing.

And I will have to say again – I am in love with my converted camera.  I was just telling a friend the other day…if I had to choose only one of my cameras to keep…my first thoughts would be, ‘grab the infrared!”.

I hope you enjoy it too!

Mississippi River from Natchez, Ms.

Mammy’s Cupboard

Not your average family owned restaurant!

This one is inside the skirt – literally!

Mammy’s Cupboard is located just outside Natchez, Mississippi on Highway 61 south.  The strange architecture looks very similar to a bottle of Mrs. Butterworth, a popular woman who hails from the south and is known as Mammy by all who love her, thus the name…Mammy’s Cupboard, where pancakes to roasted pork loin, pot pie to homemade pies are offered.

Definitely unique!  An understatement to say the least!  It’s a huge roadside attraction (as you can imagine) due to the fact that she stands 28-foot tall and welcomes passersby with a smile and a serving tray.

I hear the food is really good too.  I’ve yet to make it by during business hours.

Thought you might enjoy a photo of it!