Organized Chaos

Worthwhile ideas, some fully formed, some seedlings of greater thoughts, arrive in our heads at random and unpredictable moments and join the countless others already there.  Some are remembered, some are lost in the chaos of the creative head.

Have you ever considered establishing a system of recording inspirational ideas and concepts for future reference?

Consider a notebook or journal.  File folders of project ideas, sketches, philosophical musings, quips, grand schemes.  A bulletin board of notes and clippings.  A chalk board.  A shrine.

(taken from the book Creative Sparks by Jim Krause)

I like the idea of a huge whiteboard.  Have several different colored markers available and write your message so that it reminds you every time you see the board. Choose one that is magnetized so you can attach notes and pictures as well.

After spending time with your notes you can transfer ideas you want to keep to a journal or file which will make room for new ideas on the board.  This visual reminder is helpful for those of us who need constant reminding or who have too many ideas to keep up with!

An assignment.

Identify a part of your daily routine where you find yourself in the same place, looking at the same ‘view’ day after day.  The bus stop, the route to work, your office, a certain window, the lunch counter, the gym, the living room.  The next time you are there, look around until you see something that you either haven’t noticed before, or that you had forgotten was there.  Do this every time you are in that space.

Make it a ritual.

The depth of your findings will astonish you.

The ability to SEE grows with practice.

from – Creative Sparks by Jim Krause

Get your Shrine On

A shrine is a place or piece of furniture used to remind us of meaningful intangibles through the display of meaningful tangibles.  It’s also a place or piece of furniture that can be an on-going art project in three or more dimensions.  How about creating such a shrine and spending a minute (or several) with it every day?  Could a shrine improve your outlook on life (as well as your home decor)?

How about some incense and a candle or two to go with your items of inspiration?

A shrine doesn’t need to take up a lot of space.  How about putting a few reminders of your creative self and the vast unknown in a cup or tray?  What about a portable shrine?  A key-chain shrine?

A shrine could be placed on a shelf, on the floor or in a cabinet.  A used piece of furniture could be converted to hold meaningful books, beads, letters, candles, artwork, etc.  A shrine could be simple or ornate and it should evolve over time and always remain fresh and relevant to you.  As an artist, this is your chance to create a piece of meaning and beauty relevant to you and you alone.

How often do you get to do that?

-taken from the book, Creative Sparks: An index of 150+ concepts, images and exercises to ignite your design ingenuity by Jim Krause